Still truckin’

I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on my Flickr stream, because that is the best place at the moment to see my photographic updates. I’m still living a hermit-like existence as I toil in the justice mines of this major hearing process, but things are wrapping up before too long and I will have lots of horrible, horrible freedom in which to update you with my many visual endeavours.

Not-so-pro Tip

Whenever I’m out and about in the world, I look all around me for new objects, places, critters, people, and even just interesting tones and effects of light to photograph. I’ve been tremendously busy this week on a series of shoots with several local models I recruited via Model Mayhem but, while running errands today, I stopped into a dollar store on Bank Street in search of more (cough) Canon fodder.

This brings us to today’s not-so-pro tip: Dollar stores are an invaluable source of nifty junk. Not only are they packed with terrific things to photograph, but also things to help display the things you plan to photograph. Vases, platters, candle holders, tissue paper, modelling clay, shiny things, toys, candy, things that glow, things that burn, generic artifacts of daily living — it’s all there and all so inexpensive. I loaded up on about $25 of inexpensive doodads while there, which gives you an idea of the degree of inspiration I found. When I’ve finished going through the hundreds of exposures I’ve made this week, I’ll post some pictures. Then I’ll set up all these goodies, photograph them, and post pictures of those.