And we’re back!

Happy New Year, you delightful readers, you!

I hope the holidays proved to be both joyful and relaxing, and that copious quantities of food and cheer have provided bountiful insulation against the worst of the winter winds and darkness.  I had a positively delightful holiday season, short though it was for me, and was greatly restored and inspired by the company of my excellent family and friends.

I’m pleased to be able to say that the migration to a new domain registrar, name server, and host (in lieu of the calamitously odious was successful, and that this site is back online, as is my photography website,, and the Deadpans website (which I wrote and now manage for that terrific band).  It might still take a couple of hours for the new domain name servers to propagate throughout the internet, but everything should be accessible.

The New Year brings new photos and new photoshoot opportunities, so new posts are on the way!

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